Interview with a Voice Actor

We recently had a chat with a few of the voices on The Voice Market.  We wanted to pick their brains on what it’s like being a pro voice actor.  What are the good bits, the not so good bits and things you’d love to get sorted to make things even better?

Narration Voice Overs

NARRATING YOUR PROJECT   Any good media project needs the right voice to bring it to life. The Voice Market can help connect you with the narrator who will make your project shine: but first things first, it’s important to think about the right kind of voice for your project. … Read More

What is a Voice Over Artist?

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What is a voice over artist? A voice over artist (also known as a voice artist, voice talent, or voice actor) is basically someone who voices a script. This could be a script for a radio or television commercial, an audio-book, a promotional video or a telephone on … Read More

Become a Voice Over Professional

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How to get return voiceover jobs. So we’ve been providing voice over services now for coming up to 5 years here at The Voice Market.  In that time, we’ve noticed all the things voices do that are great and not so great.  Based on these observations and client … Read More

Voice Talent Spotlight – Kez

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  Let me introduce you to one of out voices here at The Voice Market: KEZ YOU’D PROBABLY CAST HER AS:  The Friendly Corporate Girl The Happy Retail Gal The Serious Explainer The Smooth Hot Girl A touch of class IN BRIEF:    Kez has a natural, vibrant voice … Read More

How to write great copy – One Message!

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Ten thousand! Apparently that’s how many marketing messages we’re assaulted by each day. Ten thousand. Ads on bus stop shelters, on the radio, in our Facebook feed, signs on businesses, food packaging… even on the screen you’re reading this off of. I don’t know if ten thousand is … Read More

How I got into Voice Overs – Ruth G

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What three things do you feel a voice talent must possess to be successful in this profession?

1. A thick skin – know that your voice won’t be right for all gigs – and that’s fine. There is so much work out there for everyone – you will be the right fit for someone!
2. Be MESSAGE focused – think about what you’re trying to communicate and do that honestly….

Australian Voice Artists – What Can We Do?

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  Australian Voice Artists – What Can We Do? So what exactly can a voice artist do for your business or project? There are the obvious voice jobs we cover daily…  Things like: Radio Commercials Television Commercials Documentaries On Hold Messages But nowadays, with the ever pressing need … Read More

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