What is the Marketplace?

The Marketplace is a job market for voice talent.  Clients who are uncertain exactly who they would like can opt to provide details about their project and the budget they have in mind for us to place on The Marketplace.  We then notify our Marketplace voices about the project.  If the script and budget are appealing to you, just read a portion of the script as an audition for the part.  These auditions are sent to the client for assessment.  If your voice matches the desired style, you may be commissioned at the agreed budget and voice the project completely.


So if you’d like to be part of our growing Marketplace, please contact us via the below form and we’ll happily include you on any job alerts that go out matching your style.  Just give us some key terms that cover what you can and can’t do to help us keep things relevant.

1. It’s Free

2. Absolutely no obligations (just notify us if you wish to cease receiving notifications)

3. Not excessively competitive as we’ve only just begun – get in early


To ensure you’re competitive, it’s important you have the ability to voice any projects the same day they are posted (sometimes very quickly) to a broadcast standard.  You will need to be able to voice, edit and send mp3 files promptly.

If this is something you’d like to put your hand up for, let us know below.

Just put the word MARKETPLACE in the “Subject Matter” field below… and we’ll get back to you soon after.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.