VIDEO GUIDE – What we do


… We are a web-based voice over agency.  If you need to get a professional voice over for your project… we’ve got plenty of options to help make it happen.  Australian voice overs, UK and US voiceover talent and child voice actors too.  Radio & TV commercials, Corporate Presentations, On Hold Messages, Web Audio, Audio Books… whatever your project, we can find you the right voice, right now.



3 Ways to find a voice?

 1… Feel free to contact us via email and we’ll call you back to discuss your project and recommend the best voice for you.

 2… Simply browse through our hand-picked TALENT and find the voice that best suits your needs.  Use our VOICE ORDER page to book your project and we’ll have it voiced and returned to you promptly.

 3… Test the waters and place your project on the MARKETPLACE!  Perfect if you’re uncertain as to what style of voice you need, or want to hear a few alternatives before deciding.  Post your project and listen to the various auditions sent back to you.  Hearing your words in context can help make the decision process easier.

When you’re ready – just complete the VOICE ORDER and let us do everything for you.


How do you book a talent bank voice?

1… Listen to our Talent in the tab above.

2… Click “Book Voice” button

3… Complete VOICE ORDER… (Your details, script particulars and send)  …  DONE!


How do you request a voice via The Marketplace?

1… Go to VOICE ORDER tab

2… Select “Place your project on “THE MARKETPLACE”

3… Define your budget in the window provided.

4… Complete VOICE ORDER… (Your details, script particulars and send)  …  DONE!



The Voice Market is a web-based voice agency that provides professional voice talent promptly and affordably.

We’ve hand picked a wide range of very talented voice actors from around the globe to make it simple for you to breathe life into your project – radio and TV commercials, on hold messages, corporate videos, audio-books, basically whatever you need voicing.

And we’ve provided two simple ways for you to select the right voice over.

Just audition our hand picked talent in the Talent tab above; or

Place your project on “The Marketplace”.

The first option is pretty simple, just have a listen to each talent, if they can do what you need, simple request them by name when you place your voice order.  We’ll get it voiced at our rate card prices and back to you as soon as possible.

The second option is a little different.  We call it The Marketplace.  It gives you access to hundreds of voiceover talent from around Australia and internationally – all at once.  It’s designed for those who aren’t quite certain who they need, those who will “know it when they hear it” or would like to hear a few options before deciding.  And the best bit is – you get to set your own budget.

So how does The Marketplace work?

You complete the voice order on-site, outlining exactly what you require of your voice talent, including how much you wish to pay.

We place your project on The Marketplace.

The voice talent who feel confident with the job and the budget audition a portion of your script, and we send it to your inbox for assessment.

You select the voiceover you like best and commission that person to complete the project.

Simple.  Obviously the amount of auditions you receive will vary on the type of project and the budget you set.  If you keep things fair, then more capable talent will put their hand up to be involved.  And you don’t have to pay until you’ve found the right voice.

We deliver all our voices to a high quality broadcast standard, giving you all the go-takes, to time and accurate.  So next time you need to bring your words to life with the right voice, give The Voice Market a go… we think you’ll be impressed.


The TVM Team