Introducing the easiest way for you to find the right voice for your next project.  No need to crank the volume and wade through websites full of voice talent showcasing their best reads on scripts totally different to yours.  It doesn’t get any easier than The Marketplace, available here.

Below is a brief outline of the why, what and how of The Marketplace.


Try The Marketplace if you….


Are not exactly sure which voice you need?
Want to hear your words in context before deciding?
Need to stick to a budget?

Just place your project on The Marketplace and receive a variety of demo reads of your script to help make your decision easier…


What is The Marketplace


In essence, The Marketplace is a voiceover job alert system that notifies professional voice actors of any projects that are placed on our site that they may be suitable for.  We have dozens of capable, motivated and available voiceover talent ready to breathe life into your script.


How do you access The Marketplace?


Simple, just select THE MARKETPLACE option at the start of your VOICE ORDER and your project will automatically be placed on the market and appropriate talent from around the globe alerted.
Soon after, you’ll receive demos of your script in your inbox read by talent happy with your stated budget.

(Tip – keep your budget fair and close to our rate card prices to ensure maximum interest)

Just select the one you like best – and we will have the remainder of your project voiced and back to you as soon as possible.


Try it soon

… The Voice Market – find the right voice, right now.