IN BRIEF: 20 + Genuine, natural reads. Great younger, attention grabbing retail, character acting, youthful corporate or anything in between


  • The Hip Young Gal
  • The Happy Retail Gal
  • The Friendly Corporate Girl
  • The Event Chick

Andrea’s impressive vocal ability and experience enables her to deliver the perfect voice over, every time – whether it’s a genuine, natural read or an attention grabbing retail read, character acting, corporate or anything in between!

She has worked with brands including Target, Darrell Lea, Forty Winks, OptiSlim, Allianz, Australian Unity, Cadbury, Kmart and 7/11, just to name a few, and would love to work on your next campaign too. Andrea records all sorts of advertising for all mediums as well as phone greetings/IVR, corporate and educational videos, narration, imaging and more.