IN BRIEF: Nicole has a gentle side – great for soft sell, retail, natural and corporate reads. She is a professionally trained actress (WAAPA) which probably explains her depth and versatility.


  • The Smooth Hot Girl
  • A touch of class
  • The Mum
  • The Happy Retail Girl
  • The Events Girl

Having trained at one of Australia’s most prestigious acting schools (WAAPA) Nicole is able to take direction well. Her versatility provides our clients with the opportunity to hear their scripts read in a variety of styles, to ensure their brand and message is heard.
Some of her clients to date have included Rio Tinto, Fuji Xerox, Bupa and Credit 24.
She is also the voice for Lowes, an Australian Retail Icon. Soft sell, retail, natural and corporate, Nicole is able to meet your voice requirements. Her mantra, “Whatever you need.”