IN BRIEF: 40+ Mature Retail… warm friendly and believable mum with experience, retail, does a good conversational grandma too… (shhh!)

Paulie’s love of words and communication go way back to the early 1990’s where she honed her announcing, copywriting and voice over skills at 4ZR Roma.

She became a jock of all trades in the country town, and was nominated “Best Newcomer on Air” in the Country Radio Category at the national RAWARDS.

Paulie became Miss Dawn at 4BH during the mid 80’s and later on popped on a sparkly dress and performed in a duo with a big Tongan lad known as Fifi. The duo belted out number one hits in the local clubs and this further enhanced her communication skills where words and music became one.

These days, Paulie thrives on bringing words to life for TV, Radio and Narration. Whatever the voice over style required, smooth and personal, to instructional and cheeky, her warm friendly voice will make the listener not only feel at ease but interested in an unobtrusive way.