IN BRIEF: Walter is a 40 + Aussie voice… Big, rich, deep, gentle, soft or hard sell, sophisticated, informative narration/story teller… Capable of upbeat, fun, friendly, natural, conversational, flirty and sexy, plus character voices.
Accents: Australian, British, US, German and French


  • The Smooth Rich Guy
  • The Serious Explainer
  • The Happy Retail Guy
  • The Friendly Corporate Guy
  • The Event Guy

For over 3 decades Walter has been plying his trade. With a background in both radio and television, his voice has been in demand for retail, cinema, internet, corporate, phone on-hold, IVR etc. This is the go to movie trailer guy!
Walter brings his years of experience to each project and as a consummate professional, delivers all reads on time and on budget.