Working with The Voice Market

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So you’d like to do Voiceovers?

Thanks for your interest in The Voice Market. It’s great to see you’re keen to expand your voiceover career with us and we’d love to help. The following outlines our talent guidelines and any opportunities we may be able to offer in the future.

About The Voice Market.

In essence, we’re an online voice agency. We deal primarily with radio and television networks seeking voice talent for their advertising. We also cater to production companies, advertising agencies, on hold message providers and the like producing corporate and commercial content of for their clients.

We provide quality voice talent to companies who don’t require involvement in the actual recording process. They trust us to provide a great product without holding our hand along the way.

About our Talent

All of the talent on our site must have ALL of the following:

  1. Extensive experience reading broadcast copy for various media types (radio / tv, corporate)
  2. The ability to identify precisely the INTENT of the copy and adapt their read to deliver it every time. (They have a great mind for voice acting)
  3. The ability to self-direct in harmony with written guidelines.
  4. Able to read to time, every time.
  5. Able to record themselves in a BROADCAST QUALITY studio daily.
  6. Able to voice projects and return them as per the order within 4 hours.

What About You?

We often receive emails from people expressing interest in voice work. We’re flattered by the approach and would like help where we can. However we find many contact us on the basis that they believe they ”have a great radio voice”. This is a great starting point but by no means the most important in the voice business. The first two points above would surpass the “great voice” in most cases, even with the highest paid professional talent doing the rounds.

Like many roles in creative fields, voice acting is a craft developed over time (sometimes years). Experience, professional coaching, practice and feedback are all encouraged.

With all this in mind, feel free to send us your professionally produced demo showcasing your best work when you can. Keep it to under 1:30 with a good range of styles demonstrated within your reads. Look forward to hearing it soon.

Happy Voicing
Carl Hitchmough