Be a Voice Talent


In essence, The Voice Market is an online voice casting site.

We deal primarily with radio and television networks, small to medium sized production companies, advertising agencies, on hold message providers and the like.

We supply quality voice talent to companies that require a great product … without needing to hold anyone’s hand along the way.   We have been doing this well for close to a decade and have built an enviable reputation for quality voices with prompt turnarounds.

Over the years,  we have been flattered with the amount of requests we’ve received from voice actors for inclusion on the site.  As much as we love to work with great voices, it’s not always possible to take on new talent.


  • We aim to find work for all the existing talent on the site.  Too many voices = less opportunities.
  • We don’t want to have too many similar sounding voices.
  • We fully respect and encourage professional, experienced voice talent to receive the industry pro rates they deserve.  As we deal with a number of clients whose budgets do not allow for these amounts, we don’t want to disappoint or disrespect such pro voices.
  • Some applicants just aren’t ready.

We often find many contact us on the basis that they are often told they ”have a great voice”.   This is a fantastic starting point …. but by no means the most important element we consider.  A lot more is required.

Like many roles in creative fields, voice acting is a craft developed over time (often many years).  Experience, professional coaching, practice and feedback are all encouraged.

As such…  the following outlines our talent minimal expectations and any opportunities we may be able to offer in the future.


To continue to provide a quality service, we require all of our voices to have:

  1. Extensive experience reading broadcast copy for various media types (Radio / TV, Corporate, On Hold etc)
  2. The ability to identify precisely the INTENT of the copy and adapt their accordingly every time.  (They have a great mind for voice acting)
  3. The ability to self-direct in harmony with written guidelines provided in-script.
  4. Able to read to time, every time.
  5. Able to record themselves in a BROADCAST QUALITY studio – daily.
  6. Able to voice projects and return them edited and ready to go within 4 hours… on short notice.
  7. Have a professionally produced DEMO ready to go of GREAT work.

If you feel you meet all this criteria easily, we would be happy to have a listen to your current professionally produced demo.


Please understand, we only have limited space on our site for voice talent.

That is why we also established – THE MARKETPLACE.  This service is for clients who aren’t sure exactly who they need.  They request talent to audition for their project.  If you’d like to be invited to do so when opportunities arise – please let us know and we can add you to The Marketplace ALERT emails.

Think you meet the above?

We look forward to hearing your demo.  CONTACT US HERE