The Voice Market is an Australian web-based voice casting site that provides professional voice talent promptly and affordably.

We’ve hand picked a wide range of very talented voice actors from around Australia (and other lands) to make it simple for you to breathe life into your project – radio and TV commercials, on hold messages, corporate videos, e-learning courses…   basically whatever a human voice can read.


And we’ve provided two simple ways for you to select the right voice over.



The first option is pretty simple.

Just have a listen to relevant voice talent on the site.  When you find a voice that can do what you need, simply request them by name when you PLACE AN ORDER.

It is highly recommended that your select a voice that can do PRECISELY what you need.  If they are close but not quite there, it’s quite likely that they can stretch to what you have in mind – BUT – it’s best to check with us first.  It can be quite disappointing when you order a voice and it comes back nothing like you had in mind.

We know our voice talent very well and can let you know if they will provide the result you’re chasing or not quite.

We would be happy to organise a sample read from them (and similar voices) to let you hear your words in context to help you decide.  It’s the old “measure twice, cut once” advise.

When you’ve selected who you need – PLACE AN ORDER – and we’re away.

We’ll get it voiced and back to you as soon as possible…. as per our our PLACE AN ORDER

NOTE:  Your project will be invoice as per our PRICES PAGE.


The second option is a little different.

We have a JOB BOARD we call The Marketplace.

It’s internal and only accessible to voice talent when a project is opened up for audition.

This option gives you access to dozens of professional voice actors from around Australia – all at once.   Many of these voices aren’t currently available through the site as a direct order.

It’s designed for clients (voice seekers) who aren’t quite certain who they need to read their scripts.   It’s for those who will “know it when they hear it” or would like to hear a few options before deciding.

So how does The Marketplace work?

  1. You PLACE AN ORDER on-site.
  2. When you get to the “SELECT VOICE TALENT OPTION”…. select “Please Open for Auditions”.
  3. Then thoroughly define what you require from your voice talent, the usage of the read, your budget and deadlines.
  4. We then hand-place your project on The Marketplace.
  5. The voice talent who feel confident that they can deliver what’s required and are happy with the stated budget – audition a portion of your script.
  6. We collate and send all suitable auditions to your inbox for assessment.
  7. You select the voiceover you like best and commission that person to complete the project as per the conditions outlined on our PLACE AN ORDER page.

NOTE:  We manually place each project onto The Marketplace – and as such ensure that “low ball” voice projects don’t get presented to our voice bank.  Yes you get to state your budget… but if we feel it’s not quite in line with what a voice would expect for the read, we reserve the right to reject your project in it’s current form and help you set a more realistic budget in line with a professional voice rate.  We are also happy to point you towards alternative options if you are restricted to a low budget.

How many auditions will I receive?

Obviously the amount of auditions you receive will vary on the type of project and the budget you set.

If you keep things fair, then more capable talent will put their hand up to be involved.

Good news is…  you don’t have to pay until you’ve found the right voice.

We deliver all auditions to you for consideration.

Once you’ve selected the best voice… we will get then things ordered as per a normal PLACE AN ORDER

Please CONTACT US to discuss anything that may need clarifying.  We hope we can help you find a great voice for your next project soon.