IN BRIEF: 30+ natural, warm, relatable, as well as excited retail, promo, corporate, friendly.


Karina has 25 years on-air experience in commercial radio. Her voice can be heard across Australia on radio and TV advertisements and promos, websites, and business pitches and presentations.

Her sound ranges from natural, sincere Aussie to excited retail gal.

While a friendly and natural sounds are favourites, Karina is versatile, adding vibrancy to your happy retail read, or toning things down for that smooth/sexy/classy vibe.

In fact, she’s happy to try just about anything.



  • The real, trustworthy friend/Mum/partner
  • The friendly retail chick
  • The corporate influence 
  • The relatable Aussie chick
  • The excited promo/event girl
  • The serious/mature explainer

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Voice Styles

  • Bright
  • Retail
  • Relatable


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