Kieron’s been behind a microphone since just after starting High School.
Since then he’s spent too many decades than he cares to remember in radio in some form or another,
but for the last 15 years, professional voiceovers have been his mainstay.
Hit up Kieron for anything from a young sounding up-vibe retail read, through a hard-sell thumper,
to a conversational and natural sounding script. Kieron ‘hears’ the read like the prospective customer would, to make sure those key points hit home on the first listen.
Kieron is available pretty-much all day every day as he works from home, meaning fast turnaround is always possible.

Voices & Audio

  • Full Demo

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  • Studio Sound Check

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  • Corporate Friendly

    Shortlist Order
  • Hard Sell

    Shortlist Order
  • Hip Young Cool

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  • Natural

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  • On Hold

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  • Relaxed

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  • Retail Friendly

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  • Smooth Classy

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  • Tradie

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  • Classy Stylish

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  • Conversational

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Voice Styles

  • Fresh
  • Friendly
  • Upbeat
  • Sell


Same Day

Studio Equipment

  • RODE NT1 mic
  • RODE AI-1 digital interface
  • Macbook Pro, using Twisted Wave