Mitch D

Mitch can be your friendly guy or can scream it out with the best.

Mitch’s  35+ sounding voice is best suited to a more relaxed style of read.

Having been in the industry for 25+ years Mitch is more than happy to take direction and enjoys client feedback.

Voices & Audio

  • Full Demo

    Shortlist Order
  • Studio Sound Check

    Shortlist Order
  • Hard Sell

    Shortlist Order
  • On Hold

    Shortlist Order
  • Relaxed

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  • Retail Friendly

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  • Aussie / Tradie

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  • Warm Friendly

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Voice Styles

  • Vibey
  • Natural
  • Friendly
  • Sell


Most days with a quick turnaround unless I am out of the studio on a film shoot or flying drones

Studio Equipment

  • Sennheiser MKH416
  • Roland Edirol UA-25
  • Sound Forge Pro