In Brief

Sincere.   Genuine.  Down to earth.  Natural.  Conversational.  Bright and sparky.  Upbeat retail.  Loud and screamy.  Crackpot and zany. 

Yes, I’ll embarrass myself and go out on a precarious vocal limb to make all kinds of kooky noises, while many others would prefer to cling tightly to the more stable and secure trunk.

Who am I?   

I’m a guy who’s been working in Radio for 34 years.

I’m a voice over artist and creative writer.

Why should you care?

Because being a writer, I have an instinctive feel for the correct tone for your script.

I’ll read your script as if I wrote it, and my job depended on it.

I’ll read it like I believe every word, and I won’t fake it like a celebrity endorsed shampoo commercial.

I’ll read for you in a variety of styles.

That’s me, the voice over equivalent of Wile E. Coyote, recklessly sawing the tree branch at the wrong end to catch the Road Runner.


Voices & Audio

  • Retail Friendly

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  • On Hold

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  • Conversational

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Voice Styles

  • Friendly
  • Natural
  • Energetic
  • Quirky