IN BRIEF: 40+ Aussie “man on the land”. Friendly, believable tradie, right up to the spit a polish needed for your latest prestige vehicle spot


  • The Event Guy
  • The Aussie Guy
  • The Happy Retail Guy
  • The Promo Guy
  • The Friendly Corporate Guy


If you’ve ever listened to the voice overs for the movies Jurassic Park and Toy Story – sadly you won’t hear me!  But you’d be surprised how many “Aussie bloke” ads I’ve featured on.

The narrator for the Ten Network TV program All 4 Adventure, yep, that’s me.

But when I’m not sounding like a ‘farmer’ or a ‘tradie’, I can be heard on various video presentations such as Sydney Airport or the Geelong Chamber of Commerce.

Sometimes I bung on a ‘suave’ voice for a Volvo radio commercial or a ‘cool dude’ voice for the latest Nickelback album.  I’m not bad on dialects either – although I still struggle with Estonian and Basque Country accents!