Female VOs

TVM010124 - Web Narration (Directed Session) - $150


Job Description

New Voice Audition:  
Client is seeking voice options for a new project.  The successful voice will need to be available for a DIRECTED READ (to be arranged).
Please take notice of the clients direction.


Sample Script

Seeking an FVO (sounding 30-40)
Read needs to convey believable emotion suited to content  (as per sample script, e.g. worried and then resolute)
The day I was diagnosed with cancer in my gastro-intestinal system, I’ll never forget. I didn’t know how I could have prepared for this.
My doctor said, GI cancers are more common than you’d think. I felt nervous. I felt numb. I didn’t know what all this meant, for me.

My doctor talked me through my treatment options, then asked me: what did I think of going on a clinical trial?

It might not work for me, and it may have side effects. But they mentioned that I could try new treatments much earlier.

I would have a dedicated care team that I could rely on. There’s a possibility that this could be better than standard treatment.

And most of all – I could help pave the way for something better for people with GI cancer.

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