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What is an update? We consider an update to be any word changes added to the original script that allows the finished product to be used at alternate times or varying locations. For example:

TIME: "Hurray sale ends Friday March 15" (original script) … sale ends this friday. (1st update) …sale ends today. (2nd update)

PLACE: "Ted's Hardware – your tool guy in Bundy." (original script) …your tool guy in Rocky. (1st update) …your tool guy in Cairns. (2nd update).


Are there any words in your script that needs the pronunciation clarified? (Please Note: Re-voicing a script due to mispronunciations takes extra time and may incur an additional charge.)

For example:

1. "Westland" – can be pronounced either WEST-LAND or WEST-LUND.

2. In some parts of the country the word "Plant" is read with the same sound as in tin CAN but in others as in I CAN'T do that (like it has an R in it – PLARNT).

3. Location names often need clarifying: For instance INDOOROOPILLY (In-dra-PILLY), ALBANY (my best friend is a PAL – Al-Ba-knee)

If you require anything specific with the read, please let us know.