The Voice Market is happy to provide our voice over rates up front to help you plan your projects more effectively.  The below rate card prices apply to any voice recorded by our talent bank. Feel free to use these figures as a guide when you set your budget for The Marketplace.

How Do You Pay?

Once your voice order has been placed, you will be invoiced shortly after via email.  We request “same day” payment for most voice orders.  However, we are happy to establish an account arrangement with your company if you plan on using The Voice Market on a regular basis.  This arrangement works well for radio and television production departments and larger independent production houses.

If you would like to set up an account with us, please send us an email and we will contact you with the details of how to go about it.

Radio & TelevisionRegionalMetro
** Political Reads = Double Above Rates*** Multi State / Market = Double Above Rates
RADIO 15 / 30s$35*$60*
RADIO 45 / 60s$55*$75*
RADIO Updates+ $10 per *+ $20 per *
RADIO Characters+ $25 per * + $40 per *
RADIO Characters Update+ $15 per *+ $30 per *
TV 15 / 30s$45*$130*
TV - Update+ $15 per *+ $35 per *
CINEMA 15 / 30s$60*$90*
CINEMA Updates+ $10 per *+ $30 per *
Corporate & WebCorporate DVDWeb
NarrationPriced Per Project$90 (up to 90s)*
Priced Per Project$165 (up to 3mins)*
Priced Per Project$225 (up to 5mins)*
Priced Per ProjectPriced Per Project (5+ Minutes)
TelephoneCold VOIVR
* ALL PRICES EX GST** Multi Site Use = +50%
On Hold Message to 30s$35 If Only One (approx 80wds)$20 per line / extension
On Hold Message to 30s$25 / Paragraph (approx 80wds)
International VOsRegionalMetro
NarrationPriced Per ProjectPriced Per Project
Radio $100$150
TelephonePriced Per ProjectPriced Per Project