Need to know the whats, whys how and whatfores The Voice Market?  Have a quick glance through the FAQs below to see if your question is already covered.  If not, please feel free to contact us anytime and we’ll happily try and find the best solution for you.  Look forward to speaking with you son.

The TVM Team


The Voice Market is a web based Australian voice agency.  We are a team of media professionals available to write, voice and produce any audio project you may have underway

We’ve created a series of short informational videos to help you access our site best. You will find answers to such questions as – what we do, how to select and order a voice, how much things cost and how to become a contributing voice talent above.

The Marketplace is a job market for voice talent. Clients who are uncertain exactly who they would like can opt to provide details about their project and the budget they have in mind for us to place on The Marketplace. We then notify dozens of voices about the request. If the script and budget are appealing, a number of talent will voice a portion of the script as an audition for the part. These auditions are sent to the client for assessment. If a voice matches the desired style, they are commissioned at the agreed budget and voice the project completely.

We consider an update to be any word changes added to the original script that allows the finished product to be used at alternate times or varying locations. For example:


  • TIME: “Hurray sale ends Friday March 15” (original script)
    … sale ends this friday. (1st update)
    …sale ends today. (2nd update)


Are there any words in your script that needs the pronunciation clarified?


  • For example:


    1. “Westland” – can be pronounced either WEST-LAND or WEST-LUND.
    2. In some parts of the country the word “Plant” is read with the same sound as in tin CAN but in others as in I CAN’T do that (like it has an R in it – PLARNT).
    3. Location names often need clarifying: For instance INDOOROOPILLY (In-dra-PILLY), ALBANY (my best friend is a PAL – Al-Ba-knee) PRONUNCIATION GUIDE: Add any words you feel may need clarifying for pronunciation.

If your project is:

  1. Voiced by our Talent Bank: Your project will be charged at our rate card prices. See our rate card in the PRICES tab above.
  2. Voiced via the Marketplace: You must set a budget amount. [ $$$ ]
    • TIP:  You can set your own budget for the read or use our rate card prices as a guide. Keeping your budget fair (close to industry expectations) will help attract the interest of a wider base of voice talent.

Our aim is to ensure complete satisfaction with every read. As what we provide is un-returnable, we don’t offer refunds on projects once the talent has been commissioned to start the read. We will endeavour to meet your expectations to the best of our ability and can re-read a script again if need be. (This will only be done by the same talent after consultation with you regarding what needs addressing). We recommend you listen closely to any demo reads before deciding on a voiceover talent to ensure what you require is within their obvious abilities. Feel free to contact us for our suggestion if you’re not quite certain if they can deliver what you need.

Our aim is to return the voiceover to you in under 4 hours. In some cases this may not be doable due to situations beyond out control. If our talent are unable to voice within your schedule, we’re happy to try and get it voiced by another similar talent who is available. Of course, our international voice talent are primarily in their home country and may need longer to return your voice (next day is preferable).

A character fee may be charged for a voiceover that requires anything more than a natural delivery.  This does not include things like enthusiastic reads or a natural voice delivered in an unusual environment (shouting over a crowd, building site, whispering, spooky etc).  It does include accents, caricatures (pirate, old age) and representations of known people.  Please contact us to discuss anything you may be unsure about.

Your voiceover will be returned via our server as a .wav file or via email if preferred.

We are a fully functional broadcast production company and have produced for many media projects.  We can produce audio for radio, TV, corporate videos, internet videos and the like.  Please contact us for information before undertaking any new projects.

We have access to a team of experienced, award winning copywriters.  Please contact us to discuss how we can be of benefit with your next project.

At this time we require you to order each voice separately via our ORDER page, or you can send us an email stating the talent you’d like to book (attach the script as a document) and we can take it from there.

No – all our prices are buy our amounts. You can continue to use the voice as is indefinitely.

Yes and No.  Some of our voice talent are only available overnight – so with these voices, directing is logistically not easy.  Otherwise – most of out talent are able to be directed for your project.  There is an extra charge incurred (in 15 minute increments) for this service.  Times need to be negotiated and as much notice given as possible appreciated.

  1. Feel free to contact us via email and we’ll call you back to discuss your project and recommend the best voice for you.
    Simply browse through our hand-picked TALENT and find the voice that best suits your needs.  Use our VOICE ORDER page to book your project and we’ll have it voiced and returned to you promptly
  2. Test the waters and place your project on the MARKETPLACE!  Perfect if you’re uncertain as to what style of voice you need, or want to hear a few alternatives before deciding.  Post your project and listen to the various auditions sent back to you.  Hearing your words in context can help make the decision process easier.
  3. When you’re ready – just complete the VOICE ORDER and let us do everything for you.
  1. Listen to our Talent in the tab above.
  2. Click “Place an Order” button
  3. Complete VOICE ORDER… (Your details, script particulars and send)  …  DONE!
  1. Go to VOICE ORDER tab
  2. Select “Please open for AUDITIONS”
  3. Define your budget in the window provided.
  4. Complete VOICE ORDER… (Your details, script particulars and send)  …  DONE!