10 Top Tips for your Voice Demo

May 12, 2014 | General

Ten essential elements of your commercial voice demo.

Paraphrased from – from the Episode: “Beau Weaver Pt1 Ep 44”


Watched a great epidode of VO Buzz Weekly recent with Beau Weaver (great voice).  The guys put together a fantastic list of points that would go a long way to making a Voice Demo stand out and be relevant.

They gave ten helpful suggestions to ensure your commercial demo gets you noticed by industry professionals.

Ensuring your demo meets the below criteria will provide you with the best opportunity to get work in the very competitive voice over industry…


  1. Acting skills… demonstrate in the first 5 seconds that you can act.  Don’t assume anyone’s going to listen to the end of your demo.
  2. Production Quality.  If your demo production sounds amateur, You sound amateur.  Professionals will know the difference immediately.
  3. Unique persona – the demo needs to sound like you and reflect your personality.  Make sure you have some personality.
  4. Variety of reads.  Change things up a bit – pitch, tone, energy, pace etc … otherwise your demo will be boring.
  5. Variety of current styles.  What sound is “in”?  Listen to what’s out there and ensure you have these bases covered.  (EG: fun, playful, dramatic, confident, sexy, conversational, friendly, energetic, hip and cool, intelligent)…
  6. Type of ads.  Don’t just have the same type of clients (Car yards, sales, etc).  Vary things up.
  7. Relevent Content.  Have reads for products and industries that are hot and in demand and current in today’s media.
  8. Peaks and Valleys.  Make sure the demo is entertaining the entire way through.  Keep it interesting and relevant across the whole mix.
  9. Direction.  The biggest talent in the world are directed by an industry professional and so should you be.  You can then focus on your read and performance.  They can bring out your best.
  10. KISS.  Keep it short and sweet.  60 – 90s is ample.  Ensure all your bases are covered in that time with the above 9 considerations.


Go and watch all the episodes on for some further gold re the voice world and get some inspiration from two very enthusiastic voice advocates.



Paraphrased from – from the Episode: “Beau Weaver Pt1 Ep 44”