Voice Overs – Try Before You Buy

August 24, 2014 | General

Voiceovers – Try before you buy!


When it comes to most purchases nowadays, we’ve become rather accustomed to the test drive, the sample pack or the trial period.  We wouldn’t dream of handing over hard earned cash for something we haven’t researched thoroughly.  Luckily, the Internet has helped out greatly in this regard.  We kick tyres; we expect a 30 day free option and take comfort in the money back guarantee. 


With voice overs, things can be a little different.  As with most creative endeavours, a voice actor’s time and skill is not something you can normally “try” for a few days to see if it fits? They read a script, they get paid.  Some try to get around that of course, but in all fairness, it’s as it should be.  You can’t exactly “undo” a read.  Much as you can’t un-cook a meal at a restaurant.  The work requested has been done, love it or not.  


It’s with the above two sides of the coin in mind that we included on The Voice Market an facility that enables you to “taste test” a voice over before making the final decision.  We called it The Marketplace.  The sole purpose of it is to ensure a client gets the right voice for the project.  It has proven very successful since being launched with every project placed on The Marketplace being successfully awarded to the client’s preferred voice, with very happy results.


So how does it work…?  It’s not rocket science.  It’s just an marketplace where a voice seeker – who is not quite sure who they need to voice their script – can listen to a number options of professional voice actors reading their words – in context – before deciding.  We didn’t invent the process, we just brought it to the Australian voice industry in a more easily accessible way than ever before.


So if you need a voice and can’t quite decide, or have to satisfy decision makers further up the chain, the Marketplace allows you meet all your criteria simply and affordably (aka FREE) in the one place.


Feel free to “try before you buy” next time you need to find the perfect voice… with The Marketplace.