Australian Voice Artists – What Can We Do?

January 13, 2016 | General


TVM Studio

Australian Voice Artists – What Can We Do?

So what exactly can a voice artist do for your business or project?

There are the obvious voice jobs we cover daily…  Things like:

Radio Commercials

Television Commercials


On Hold Messages

But nowadays, with the ever pressing need to produce professional content to cover your web presence, we get many requests from clients looking for a great voiceover for things including:

Corporate Videos (In House and External)

eLearning Course Productions

InStore Voice Overs (Instore Radio, Spruiking)

Multimedia Applications – Games, Apps and the like.

Youtube Video Presentation VOs

Explainer Videos for new products

Real Estate Video Voiceovers

Live Event Voicing – Awards Nights, Welcome Announcements

Chances are, if you aren’t too sure exactly who you need, and you drop us an email and your script and we will be able to suggest a great Australian or International voice for you.  We can even get some audition samples for you to hear your words in context to make the job easier.

Then when you’re ready to go, we can have that finished product back to you in no time.

So – “stress not” when it comes to sounding great.  Here at The Voice Market, we have your back.