Branding With Sound

June 17, 2013 | General

What Does Your Brand Sound Like?



If I asked you what your brand looked like, you could no doubt show me images of it and describe it in detail. But if I asked you what your brand sounded like, you would probably scratch your head and look at me strangely.

That’s because today we pour all of our efforts into visual branding, agonising over the colours and design elements and neglect the most important means of communicating our brand; the human voice.

The human voice can convey emotion and elicit trust in others like nothing else can. Science has shown us that the sound of the human voice actually causes a listener’s body to resonate in sympathy with it, which is why it is such a powerful communication tool.

So, given that we spend so much money developing and nurturing our brand and so much time preparing the perfect script to communicate its values to our customers, why do we spend so little time and money finding the right voice to represent our brand?

We know that consistency is the key to good branding and we use consistent imagery across all mediums of communication and yet we often fail to use a consistent voice behind that imagery.

Whether it’s radio, television or online advertising, onhold messages or corporate presentations, a brand voice is the glue that can bind them all together as a consistent ‘whole’.

And finding the right voice for your brand is not all that hard really. If you ask yourself ‘What does my brand sound like? Is it male or female, authoritative or reassuring, young and cool or experienced and dependable?’, you will soon be able to ‘hear’ the kind of voice your brand has.

All that remains then is to approach a few different voice agencies who understand what brand voice is all about, listen to some demo reels and then strike a deal with the voiceover artist you’ve chosen to represent your brand across all mediums.

It doesn’t have to be a celebrity either and, in fact, you should steer away from someone well known, unless they perfectly represent your brand and are not representing any other brands as well.

Often your chosen voice artist will be someone relatively unknown who just has that certain quality to their voice that says ‘This is who we are. This is our brand’. All you have to do then is to get it out there.



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