Great Voice Talent – Know Their Limitations

September 18, 2014 | General

One of the things I love about being a voice actor or voice talent, whatever you’d like to call it, is the
wide variety of projects you get invited to participate in. In the last week alone I have voiced scripts
for a BMW dealer, a caravanning show, nearly busted an artery going hard-sell on a Domayne store spot
and then got all deep and serious voicing the induction video at an Australian Prison (learned that
you can only buy stuff with “eye scans” – go figure!).    Add to that the daily retail reads for small
market retailers and the like… and it makes for one very interesting, scatter-gun industry to be in.

Part of the deal I suppose is the need to be versatile in your read styles but also very aware
of your own limitations. If you take on a project knowing full well you’re not capable in that
genre, not only is it a waste of the client’s time (and money)… but it also shows up your weak spots
quite clearly. Too many of them getting out there can hinder future work opportunities.
That’s what I think is the benefit of running The Voice Market. I know I can’t possible
personally voice everything… as much as my bank account would like to but being able to suggest
the right voice for every project that comes this way is very appealing. Clients get the sound they
hear in their head, a wide range of professional voice over talent get work,  I of course get a small
percentage and The Voice Market gets a good reputation – so it’s a win-win all around.

In knowing our limitations, I’ve even had to turn projects away at times knowing full well we can’t
help to do the project justice.   Even today we got approached for a live MC for an event in Melbourne
and a voiceover in Chinese.  Not something we do, so  was happy to do a quick Google search and
send the potential future client a few links to help. He was very appreciative and could very well come back
when he needs something we can do… if not, was just nice to help someone out.

Nowadays, I think The Voice Market can cover most English speaking voice projects pretty well as
we’ve sourced some great talent from around the globe who sound fantastic and “get it”. So while I don’t
get to voice as much myself (which can be a good thing according to some), I still get to work
on the peripheries of some fantastic projects and learn much along the way.
So here’s to growing our abilities and lessoning our limitations… will be a fun journey however I look at it.

Carl Hitchmough
Founder of The Voice Market