Interview with a voice talent – CRASH

July 28, 2015 | General




  • First name?    Barry.. but everyone calls me Crash, (except the wife)


  • How long have you been a professional voice talent?  Well with 26 years in the radio industry,  I crossed the line from station jock to voice talent was maybe 20 years ago. I actually can say that now as I am the voice talent for an Audiobook.


  •  Describe your voice style… and what would you say are your voice strengths?

 Harder rough sell voice, but a little okker (when the accent doesn’t come through). Mid range to low tones in voice. I love off the cuff stuff irreverence,  I can voice act a little too..

  •  How did you become a voice talent?

I worked out that I had a knack for it. And as a commercial produced myself for all these years I know what a producer needs to get the job done.

  •  What background do you have that helped you get into the voiceover field?

DJ’ing helps, but I loved doing silly voices as a kid, (now knowing that they are not very good) but that, along with a passion for clarity in speech helps. England is where I was born so the pommie accent is there a little but that helped me be aware of the what I speak as well as what I am speaking about.

  •  What three things do you feel a voice talent must possess to be successful in this profession?

Passion for the spoken word
 Take direction easily from the producer or the notes from the writer. Give them what they want and your version too (just in case). I love to hear the writer say..”That’s just the way I heard it in my head”
 You must be able to hear yourself as you read. Hear the words you are saying and how they sound. Sound natural, (being natural is not enough)

  •  What do you like most and least about doing voiceovers?

 Most – When you pick up a script and you know that you can give it life and colour just my opening your mouth.
Least – we all hate it. The piece of paper with too many words on it, and the words make no sense.

  •  What advice would you give anyone hoping to get into voice acting?

 Practice, Practice Practice. Not just reading out loud, breathing too. One thing you’ll find very quickly is that with the better voice talent the breaths are hardly noticeable. Also breaths are taken in the correct places and not because they are needed. 

  •  How can you find on going work as a voice talent in Australia (or internationally) – other site names are fine.

Carl here at The Voice Market can suggest the best places. Get a show reel together, then constantly work on it. Don’t be scared to ask for a copy of the completed ad for your show reel. (and ask for tips too on your performance)

  •  Can you suggest any resources people can follow up to improve their voice abilities?

We all have favourite voice talent or a radio station you listen to. Find the voice talent on Twitter of Facebook, pick their brains get them mentoring you. Be open to criticism  it WILL make you better at your craft.  also  +Barry McCaul on Google Plus,  I’m trying to get a Commercial Producers Community going over there.