Podcast Intro Voice Overs

October 2, 2014 | General


Podcast Intros…  new resource

The Voice Market has expanded our little empire with the addition of a new website totally focused on the writing, voicing and production of Podcast Audio pieces.  Things like Podcast Intros, Podcast Themes, Podcast Commercials and transition elemente etc.

The site: launched (really – just set the “maintenance mode” button to off) this week and has already been given some very positive feedback from the ones we’ve reached out to.

We sent some speculative productions to some of our favourite podcast shows to break the ice and introduce what we can do.  We “seeded” shows such as… Empire Flippers, Small Business Big Marketing, Autopilot Your Business, Eventual Millionaire and the podcast guru himself, Cliff Ravenscraft at Podcast Answerman.  We received positive responses from all of our new friends…  even got commissioned to repackage the Empire Flippers show straightaway, great timing.

Time to gloat?  Why not… some of the kind words included:

Hey Carl – these are awesome. I’m going to forward them along to Jaime. I have also added you to our resource list so if there is anyone who needs voiceover/podcast intros I will send them your way! You rock… thanks for sending these over!  – Kendra from Eventual Millionaire


Loved them, Carl.  Particularly the production values. – Tim Reid from Small Business Big Marketing
Carl, Thanks for reaching out.  Looks like you have some great pricing and the production quality of your work sounds great. – Cliff Ravenscraft from Podcastanswerman
Wow Carl, love these! What can I say? (Joe)  Carl, these are awesome! Let me talk to Joe/Vincent, but pretty sure we can get these live for next week’s show. Really dig it, man, sounds great! (Justin) – J&J from Empire Flippers
Brag over… !  Always great to get some positive responses when you reach out tentatively.  This little video shows things nicely…

Here’s to getting the name out there and getting some runs on the board.  If you know of anyone who may benefit from what we can produce (to very high standards … see above), feel free to spread the word.  Would love to help take as many podcasts to the next level as possible sometime soon.
Cheers Carl