Professional Voice Artist Value

June 21, 2013 | General



It’s Not How Big You Are, It’s What You Do With It

When you need a voice artist for your next ad campaign, corporate video or series of on hold messages, who do you go to; the big agency with hundreds of voices to choose from, or the little guy who works from his home studio?

If you said the big agency, you’d be like many other people who believe that if it’s big, it must be better … but is it really?

You’ll certainly pay more at a bigger agency. That’s because they have bigger overheads. But do you really get better service for bigger bucks?

Not necessarily. That little guy doing it from his home studio is often someone who was once a big guy at a big agency. Many small businesses these days are started by people who get tired of working for big bureaucracies and venture out on their own.

So, if you go to him, you’ll get to deal directly with the person at the top, someone with wads of experience who knows how to produce a great ad. He’ll often have a great voice himself and will have loads of industry contacts, such as voice actors and copywriters, which means he can offer you everything the big one-stop-shop agencies can, but without the big price tag.

And because he’s in business for himself, he’ll work a whole lot harder to make you happy. He’ll look harder to source exactly the right voice talent for you and he’ll make that voice sound even better than it already does. He’s got a lot more invested in you coming back next time, so you know he’s going to really look after you from the outset.

And thanks to huge advances in home studio technology, the recording equipment used by him and the voice artists he sources can be just as good as anything the big boys have to offer. A good quality microphone, mixing desk, software and a fast internet connection are the only tools he needs to produce great voice overs on demand.

So if you want the choice of a big range of big budget voice overs for your next campaign, by all means go to the big boys. But if you want personal service, quality voices, great production values and fast turnaround all for a much better price, why not give the little guy a go? You might be pleasantly surprised at how big he really is.