Professional Voice Artist PROFILE – LOUISE

October 28, 2013 | General

Voice Artist Q&A with – LOUISE

With so many great voice over talent working with us at The Voice Market, we thought we’d take the opportunity to throw some questions at them to find out more about their back story.  How did they get into voiceover work?  What background did they have?  What advice would you give anyone hoping to become a voice actor?  Where do you find voice work out there in the real world?

This should provide some interesting reading if you’re looking to get into voiceovers professionally in the near future.  Hope it helps out…


First name?  Louise

How long have you been a professional voice talent? Since 2006

Describe your voice style… and what would you say are your voice strengths?

Relaxed, friendly, smooth….ask nicely and it’s a little sexy 🙂


How did you become a voice talent?

In my first job in Commercial radio as a jock, I also doubled as a commercial/imaging producer – and as every producer knows, your most available talent is yourself!


What background do you have that helped you get into the voiceover field?

Starting as a jock. Learning about my vocal capabilities. Playing with my style until I found a sound that worked for me.


What three things do you feel a voice talent must possess to be successful in this profession?

Good command of the English language.  Dependability. Great attitude.


What do you like most and least about doing voice overs?

Even after all this time, I STILL get a kick out of hearing myself on the radio or tv.  My only suggestion when it comes to reading scripts, is to leave out the phone numbers, or any other specifics that you expect the audience to write down or remember. They haven’t got a pen when they’re driving down the freeway… They’ll google it later.


What advice would you give anyone hoping to get into voice acting?

Practice recording your own scripts and working out how you can sound better. It’s always weird the first time you hear your voice recorded, but as you get used to it, you get more confident.


How can you find on going work as a voice talent in Australia (or internationally) – other site names are fine.

Honestly, a lot of work comes from contacts you already have. So play nice with everyone!


Can you suggest any resources people can follow up to improve their voice abilities?

Warm up exercises to increase your vocal range and you should be able to find some “How to Sing” tutorials on YouTube that will be of benefit to how you use your instrument (your voice).