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May 19, 2013 | General



Voice Talent Q&A with RUTH

With so many great voice over talent working with us at The Voice Market, we thought we’d take the opportunity to throw some questions at them to find out more about their back story.  How did they get into voiceover work?  What background did they have?  What advice would you give anyone hoping to become a voice actor?  Where do you find voice work out there in the real world?

This should provide some interesting reading if you’re looking to get into voiceovers professionally in the near future.  Hope it helps out…


  • First name?   Ruth


  • How long have you been a professional voice talent?


It’s been my full time “day job” for the last 7 years.


  •  Describe your voice style… and what would you say are your voice strengths?


Warm, natural, corporate, diverse – I think I’m a frustrated actor, so I have a love of accents and dialogue, I love ‘playing a part’.


  • How did you become a voice talent?


I worked in regional and metropolitan radio for 18 years as a copywriter – in any radio station, EVERYONE is potential talent (particularly in regional radio where the talent pool is a lot smaller and not everyone has the budget to hire professional voices).   I started voicing commercials a) because we all had to and b) because I knew exactly how I wanted my script to sound.


  • What background do you have that helped you get into the voiceover field?


It was my background in radio – my copywriting abilities and my love of voiceovers.


  • What three things do you feel a voice talent must possess to be successful in this profession?


  1. A thick skin – know that your voice won’t be right for all gigs – and that’s fine.  There is so much work out there for everyone – you will be the right fit for someone!
  2. Be MESSAGE focused – think about what you’re trying to communicate and do that honestly – it’s not about ‘putting on your best announcer voice’, it’s about being real and delivering a message.
  3. Passion – if you’re just doing it for the money, you’re in the wrong job.  It’s not about pumping out one take and thinking ‘that’ll do’.  Love it or leave it to those that do.


  • What do you like most and least about doing voice overs?

Most – I love bringing a script to life.   As a copywriter, I know the stresses of working hard on a script concept, getting it across the line with a client – there’s nothing worse than when the voice falls short of the concept.   Being able to deliver the message just as the writer had intended is very satisfying.

Least – Although I understand the frustration of young copywriters, trying to create something that works and then being sabotaged by the client – I really don’t enjoy trying to fit 40 seconds worth of words into 30 seconds whilst remaining ‘sophisticated’ and ‘not rushed’ (although I always give it a crack!).


  • What advice would you give anyone hoping to get into voice acting?


If it’s what you want – go for it!


  • How can you find on going work as a voice talent in Australia (or internationally) – other site names are fine.

Voice123 has been the most beneficial site for my business, I have been put in contact with clients all over the world who have become repeat business.


  • Can you suggest any resources people can follow up to improve their voice abilities?

Find a voice coach and PRACTICE!!


To find out more about how to get into voice overs or to see how things are done here at the voice market – check out the videos on our FAQ –