Youtube SKIP – Dodgy

March 10, 2015 | General


Clever Little Youtube Trick!

This is a clever little tactic….  was just watching a track on Youtube – The Ocean’s 11 soundtrack to be precise – and this ad comes on first.  My common response is to click the SKIP AD button on the bottom right of the screen.  Noticed just in time that they’ve basically built this natural response into their marketing by placing a FIND OUT MORE link in the same space.

My general public member, listener self – got a tad annoyed at being so easily read and manipulated.  Whereas my marketing, advertising self thought it a well played little tactic.  Nice one “Mr Ad Man”.

Nothing really big to say about it – other than maybe it’s a great idea to look out for the regular or typical, quick and easy “Outs” that our clients have – and use them tactically to keep our clients engaged.  But look out for that “you manipulative so and so” response that I initially had.

Still didn’t buy health insurance btw