Voice Over Cost?

August 18, 2014 | General


How Much Do Voice Overs Cost?
One thing we hear quite often at The Voice Market is that clients appreciate knowing how much voice overs cost. When we ask how they found the site or why they opted to go with us, it’s common that they mention the fact that our prices are clearly outlined on the site as a major factor in the decision. I’m so glad that’s the case. It definitely vindicates the decision to be so open and transparent from the get-go with these sorts of things on the site.

I know from personal experience how frustrating it is when you’re doing a little research, kicking tyres and trying to compare options online, when all you really need is a clear price to help you decide – but it’s not available. Instead you need to opt into some list-building email catcher so the site can start the sales funnel and talk you into things more successfully.

We fully appreciate we are not the only voice site on the planet. We are ok with the fact that clients may opt to go with one of the other online voice agencies. We’re happy to share the workload around. Sure we’d love to dominate the market and take in all the rewards that go with that… one day we might. But for now, we’re happy to super serve our growing loyal client base and reward them for trusting us with such an important part of their marketing.

We know the great value the right voice can bring to a project… and the opposite when it doesn’t gel. So we encourage any voice seeker to shop around, listen to demos and kick some “vocal” tyres and compare. It’s only then that you can be confident in your voice selection decision. Of course we’d love every ad agency, radio or TV station, every on hold message maker and the like to settle on The Voice Market. We hope they do… But until then, we will endeavor to be as open and transparent as we can to make a voice search easier and successful with as minimal pain as possible.

Keep in mind; if we don’t have precisely what’s needed, we are more than happy to point you in the right direction. So happy voice hunting… we look forward to being of service one day soon here at The Voice Market.