What We’ve Learned about E-Learning

May 21, 2024 | General


What Could Your Course Sound Like? 

Online courses (or e-Learning) mean trainers and organisations can create learning modules without having to have a group of people together in one place. It allows students or employees to learn at their own pace, in their own style. As consumer technology improved it became more popular, and when Covid hit e-Learning exploded. 

 Here at The Voice Market, we’ve built a wealth of knowledge in creating narration modules for e-Learning. Our range of voice talent, and experience in production, means we’re able to give your online learning the right sound: both for your brand, and your learners. 


An Educational Revolution 

But first, let’s look at what’s actually happening here. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, as an option to deliver education e-Learning  rose from 19 per cent in 2016-17 to 55 per cent in 2020-21. 

The ABS puts that at one in two people doing work-related training online, which is more than double the rate from four years earlier. As mentioned, some of that can be attributed to forced behaviour during Covid lockdowns – but as we’ve seen in other parts of life, the pandemic simply accelerated something likely to happen in time. 

 So, e-Learning is here to stay. The government even has a planning guide for organisations. 


 We Never Stop Learning 

 If people aren’t studying online – yet – there is clearly still a thirst for knowledge in the community. Further statistics from the ABS show as of March 2022  

42% of Australians aged 15-74 years had participated in learning in the last 12 months 

That’s a total of 7.8 million people across a range of formal, non-formal and work-related training. If 55% of those people are learning online (as per the earlier figures), there’s a vast audience out there who are seeking opportunities to increase their learning who are now familiar with e-Learning. Its both a challenge – and an opportunity. 

If you’re already operating in the learning space, or you’re thinking of launching an online study component for either education or enterprise, there’s a key takeaway. You need to stand out. To do so your e-Learning modules should be high quality, and any narration you use must be well-scripted, with superb delivery. 

Happily, we can help. 


Find Your Perfect Voice 

Online learning demands a voice who is engaging, and able to communicate information clearly. They need a tone you feel accurately reflects your brand, and the kind of material you’re presenting. 

The key is to find a voice who can do this while being themselves. That way they’ll be able to present in a friendly, confident style. And because you’re allowing them to use their natural style, it will ensure a level of consistency through the modules. 


Here at The Voice Market, we offer a wide range of voice options to suit a wide range of topics and demographics, including: 


  • Business 
  • Professional and academia 
  • Migrant Worker Orientation 
  • Marketing 
  • Primary and secondary schooling 
  • Arts / Creative Industries 
  • Cultural Understanding and Diversity training 
  • Trades 


You can find demos here to have a listen to our voice talent and get a feel for the voices available. We can even help with scripting if you need it. 

 Pricewise, it will depend on the duration and broadcast type of your project. For a ballpark figure to help set your budget, please see our full rate card here. 


If you want more information or advice you can drop us an email any time, and we’ll answer any questions you have. We look forward to helping you provide the learning experience your project was built to be.