How much do Voice Overs cost?

December 12, 2012 | General

We’ve tried to keep things fairly simple here at The Voice Market.  And that applies to our pricing too.  Basically you’ll find our talent bank rate card prices laid out clearly in the Prices tab above.  These prices are for non-produced voiceovers, per script, per voice, delivered back to you.

Things are a little different when you opt to use The Marketplace to source your talent.  When you do, you get to stipulate what you have as your budget.  Now what you propose to pay plays a big part in who you attract to audition for your project.

Just a little background – we hand-selected the voices of our talent bank.  We tried to not have too many voices that sounded similar.  That way, we don’t water down the work our talent get by sharing it amongst too many competing voices and it makes it easier for you to decide.

Obviously by electing to do this we had to knock back some very capable talent due to limited space on our site.  And it’s these people, our talent bank, plus the ones we couldn’t use due to sounding too similar and many more capable voices that get alerted when your project goes on The Marketplace.

Now obviously some are better than others.  So when you put a low figure as your budget, the likelihood of getting the best voices to apply does dwindle.  So we suggest you stay pretty close to our rate card figures when you opt to use The Marketplace.   Setting your budget somewhere around these amounts will get you auditions from the best talent we have access to.

And keep in mind, we check every project that goes onto The Marketplace and we will let you know if we feel the amount you have offered is going to be attractive enough interest to get you a quality read.

If you have any further questions or would like something clarified, please contact us and we’ll happily explain our prices more for you.  We look forward to helping find you a great voice for your project soon, at very affordable prices.

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