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August 12, 2017 | Voiceovers



Any good media project needs the right voice to bring it to life. The Voice Market can help connect you with the narrator who will make your project shine: but first things first, it’s important to think about the right kind of voice for your project.
The Voice Market can help connect you with the perfect narrator for your project.

Someone who…

 …is appropriate for your material.  Giving your project a voice that fits is crucial – you want someone of the right age and gender, someone who presents a character your audience can identify with right off the bat.  It’s all too easy to lose your audience if you select the wrong voice as your spokesperson.

 …your audience will want to listen to.  A narrator with a believable and engaging voice will help avoid listener drop-off, particularly with lengthier projects.  A narrator who has a great feel for the pitch, pace and tone that suits your work is vital.  Remember, boredom is your enemy.

 …you feel is right for your work. Ultimately, it’s your decision: whether a theatrical background appeals to you or you just love the way the words roll off a narrator’s tongue, you want the voice that makes you sit up and say “Wow!”. Even a drier medical or “jargon-heavy” and technical project will benefit from a narrator with a voice that gets across your intended message.




Narrative projects can cover just about any topic under the sun.  The type of subject matter your project is covering will play a big part when it comes time for you to choose a narrator.

What kind of audience are you appealing to? Trade workers? White-collar business? Maybe a youth market? You can lose your audience before you even begin if you don’t select the appropriate voice for your project.

The Voice Market has a range of talent able to provide almost any voice you need, perfect for corporate or casual projects. From fun and flighty to serious and stoic, our diverse range of actors can be as natural or as animated as you need them to be.

We can also provide narration for fiction projects in genres such as:

 Romance
 Action/Adventure
 Comedy
 Historical
 Crime or mystery

Go to our VOICES page to hear some of our talent demos now!




At The Voice Market, our rates for narration depend on the project itself: ultimately, the price of your work will come down to the length of the script. It’s important to keep in mind that sometimes projects with more specialized and technical content will need extra time to ensure we cover the details of your project to your satisfaction.

We’re also happy for you to direct your own voice sessions!  If you’d like a quote based on the length of your project, please contact us and we’d be happy to provide our rates up front. To see our full rate card, go to our PRICES page.




If you know which voice you want for your narration project, you can place your order right now on our PLACE AN ORDER page.
If you haven’t decided, or you’re not sure what kind of narrator your project needs, we can help you choose an appropriate voice or even organize a few auditions for you in our Marketplace.

Of course, if you’d like more information or some advice, feel free to send us an email at